LUXE PACK MONACO September 2021

Visibility project , consolidation and expansion of commercial relations on the French and Swiss market

Description of the project

The project involves participation in specific international events and fairs on international markets.
The choice to participate in the LUXE PACK MONACO fair in September 2021 derives from the company’s desire to promote its packaging and visual merchandising productions, consolidating relationships and contacts in the European and Extra-European market, and looking for new contacts and relationships.


The strategic objectives are: • consolidation of the company’s competitive position in the European market; • assessment of the degree of accessibility of each specific market; • definition of the methods by which to enter new markets; • acquaintance with new customers and business partners; • formulation of offers, both technological and economic, intended for new markets; • reorganization of the company portfolio.


The achievement of the set project objectives will allow the Company to strengthen its commercial and technological relations. The expected growth estimate deriving from the plan in question is estimated in an increase in the total export turnover equal to 15% compared to the 2020 turnover.