Packaging & display

Artisans in packaging watches, jewellery and valued objectsWe are a top-of-line manufacturer of unique cases,
furniture, and accessories to fine brands.


12th February 1912: foundation. More than 100 years of continuous development More than 100 years of continuous development, from a craft heritage bound to the local tradition to the current position in the world market. Important roots, which have been spread not only in Italy but also in Europe and Asia, in order to meet every production and trade need. Nos racines se sont déployées au-delà de l'Italie, à travers l'Europe et en Asie afin de pouvoir satisfaire toutes vos exigences logistiques et commerciales. Constant innovation of our technologies and methodologies aims for a greater positioning and competitive edge in various areas of 'tailored' production. The worldwide offices and the dense network of domestic and international suppliers, educated for several years on the required quality levels and checked periodically, allow the company reactivity and capacity while maintaining high quality standards


Unique customers, unique products: MTO takes shape combining your creativity to our skills


Italian excellence at the service of manufacture helps to enhance your products beauty.


Wood, leather, textiles, plexiglass, resin, plastic, glass: heterogeneity to obtain an aesthetic and functional product.


Our focus: being compliant with international standards, working with FSC certified companies in order to have raw materials traceable from the origin, the ongoing study for a better environment.


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